Sainsbury’s shopper leaves ‘proper British’ note in reply to price of Pringles


A shopper who took a stand to protest the price of a can of Pringles in Sainsbury’s has been hailed for doing the most British thing ever.

Rather than flagging down a member of staff or writing a strongly-worded letter to the supermarket, they instead decided to handle it with a good old-fashioned passive aggressive note.

The cans of paprika crisps, which are shaped perfectly to create a convincing duck mouth, came with a price tag of £3, leaving one shopper fuming in the knowledge you can often pick them up for half the price.

Using a blank tag just under the display of Pringles, they wrote: “3 quid – you’re having a bleedin’ laugh ain’t yer!” and simply carrying on with their day.

It was spotted by a fellow customer and a picture was shared to Reddit with the caption: “The proper British response to Pringles being raised to £3 in Sainsbury’s.”

People left comments with their own theories, as one said: “Pringles must be one of those things that no one ever buys on full price, just like those fancy Naked or Innocent juice drinks outside of meal deals.”

A second wrote: “Most expensive I’ve ever seen them was in a Spar and it was £3.60, I nearly died there and then.”

A third replied: “It’s just a rotation of offers in supermarkets, they [are] probably £1.50 in Morrisons or Asda now.”

And someone else may have rumbled the crisp manufacturer’s entire business model, saying: “I have a theory that Pringles only get charged £2.50/£3 every so often just so their actual price of £1.50 can be called a deal. PROVE ME WRONG CRISPY MOUSTACHE BOY.”

To which others responded: “A.k.a the Domino’s Pizza strategy” and “I don’t think I’ve ever bought a ‘full price’ Dominos, they’re never not on offer in some fashion.”

A spokesperson for Kellogg’s, the owner of Pringles, said: “The recommended retail price of a 200g can of Pringles has gone up to £2.99. This reflects the fact it now costs us more to make the food than it did before.

“You’ll still be able to find some great offers on Pringles throughout the year and the price does vary store-by-store, as it’s the grocer’s absolute discretion and decision what price to charge you.”