Dog left ‘looking like a different breed’ after owner tries to groom her at home


It’s fair to say that many of us are sporting dodgy cuts at the moment – either because we haven’t been to the hairdressers for months, or we braved a haircut at home.

And our beloved animals aren’t exempt from this – lots of dog owners have turned to cutting their dog’s hair at home during lockdown.

One woman left people in stitches after admitting that her attempt to groom her dog at home hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped.

Fernie Montafur went viral after unveiling her work on TikTok – as people joked it looked like her dog had “aged five years.”

Her video, where she unveiled her pooches new look, has been viewed more than two million times since being shared.

In the viral vid, she applied a clown filter on her face, as she joked: “Not me thinking I could easily cut my dog’s hair and save me $50.”

In the beginning, she showed off how the dog used to look before showing her efforts to shave the pooch.

In the caption, she added: “Please for the love of God, don’t come at me. I genuinely tried my best and feel horrible. I’m buying her an outfit tomorrow.”

People were left in stitches by Fernie’s handiwork – with the video racking up more than 500,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One person joked: “How did you go from a Yorkie to a Chihuahua?”

Another added: “From Yorkie to 12-year-old dog found on the street.”

Another commented” “That was a hate crime.”

Luckily, Fernie was also left laughing at her handiwork – and confirmed that the dog was okay.

She commented: “These comments have me wheezing. Listen she’s okay.

“She was shocked at first but now she’s vibing.”