Man leaves people nostalgic by building incredible video rental shop in his home


If you miss Friday nights staring at the shelves in Blockbuster as opposed to scrolling endlessly through Netflix, then one man has created the perfect hit of nostalgia.

Clips uploaded to TikTok by @Thevideobunker show stairs leading down to the basement of a couple’s home, where the husband has built the outside facade of a video store, complete with brickwork and a neon ‘Open’ sign in the window.

Stepping inside, you find aisles of shelves containing hundreds of films, posters and memorabilia on the walls, a yellow sign on the floor to direct you to the horror genre, and a front counter to make your rentals and pick up snacks.

There’s even a door leading from the shop to a “viewing room” with televisions, two reclining armchairs, walls of VHS tapes, and old-school gaming consoles.

The tour, which has been viewed four million times, was uploaded by his wife, who said: “During quarantine, my husband built a video rental store in our basement.

“The start of quarantine last year coincided with the closure of our local family video, which gave my husband access to a lot of shelving, and a crazy idea.

“He decided he needed a project at the house to keep himself busy; instead of refinishing our kitchen cabinets, he decided to build a video rental store.

“The main room consists of shelves that contain our DVDs and Blu-Rays, as well as a lot of other random movie knick-knacks that he’s picked up every now and then.”

People loved the creation, as one commented on the video to say: “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

A second wrote: “This is literally my dream. Exactly what I’ve been wanting to do.”

A third suggested: “You should make it so when you open the door, a little bell jingles.”

Another said: “Oh, the nostalgia!”

And someone else joked: “Yeah, it looks nice, but where’s the customer service? You were there forever without a single employee greeting you.”